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Keep the aquarium decorated, with lots of cover or use fast-growing plants. A generally peaceful and hardy species, the Longfin Albino Bristlenose Pleco is an excellent, undemanding candidate for most aquariums. Today I will showing all types of bristlnose plecos! But a general tank size, that is minimum, no … The problem in the 29 is that it is not big enough for 2 mature Bristlenose males to establish a territory for each and can cause aggression issues that will cause injuries to one or both or death. Bristlenose Pleco. The adult Pleco has tentacle-like branches over their head and bony plates covering their flatten body. Albino bristlenose pleco belonging to the Loricariidae family is a small-sized freshwater fish. Diet / Foods : Eats algae and will appreciate fresh veggies like cucumber and zucchinni. The Bristlenose pleco, also known as the bushynose pleco, is a peaceful addition to your community. I just sink flakes, drop in spirulina disks, and also fresh cooked soft veggies like cucumber. In males, as they mature, a peculiar mustache is formed, which can be up to 2 cm long. Description. While the Common Pleco can grow in excess of a foot long, the Bristlenose Pleco will generally grow to a maximum length of around 6 inches, making them perfect … Water Parameters : pH 6 - 8 | Temperature : 68°F - 77°F (20°C - 25°C) | Water Hardness : 2° to 20° dH, Origin / Habitat : South America, Amazon River basin and tributaries, Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful but may be territorial with conspecifics. Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons. The bristlenose pleco can be bred easily if a couple issues are addressed. The average Bristlenose Pleco size is somewhere between 3 and 5 inches long. These fish are on the smaller end of the spectrum when it comes to size. As a master of disguise, this fish hides easily in the substrate as well as among the decorations of your tank. A fish this size would need a tank well over 100 gallons. Size: 4 inches; Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate; Minimum Tank Size: 15-20 gallons; 12. From Fishlore member aliray on the forum:I keep my male BN Lucky in a 20 gal high tank, he is the only bottom feeder in the tank. Maximum Size: 5 inches. Like the common pleco for example, can grow up 2 feet long. Once the tank is a year old, you can scale back to once a … Natural Habitat: South American rivers and streams. The life of a bristlenose start when the eggs, which take 4 to 10 days to hatch, finally break open and babies come out. Just remember, if you want them to survive, pull out the father and eggs as soon as you can. Please try again. She is now basically full grown. Unlike the widely-seen Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) and Trinidad Pleco (Hypostomus punctatus), which easily reach a monstrous size of 18 to 20+ inches (45 to 51+ cm), the Longfin Albino Bristlenose Pleco grows to a size of only 4 to 5 inches … Give these plecos fresh veggies from time to time. Fed on courgette, hikari algae wafers and mushrooms. Ancistrus temminckii Bristlenose Plecos are prized for their smaller size and unique face "bristles". Single pairs will breed easily in a 29 tall with 4 to 5 inch fish. Bristles form around 3 or 4 inches. Males are more desired, developing more bristles than females. Bristlenose plecos can be sexed and start breeding anywhere from 6 months to a year with an overall body size of between 4 and 5 inches. The reason for its popularity is mostly due to its small flat yet the fat structure and its ability to clean its environment. Bristlenose Pleco Aquarium Requirements. However, unlike other species in the family which grow to over a foot long, bristlenose pleco usually grows to almost half that size, between 3 and 5 inches in length for average adults. From standard fin to long fin in albino, common, blue eye leucitic, super red, and calico colors. So, by the time you've pulled out the airline tubing or turkey baster to suck those out, the other fish have already gotten too them. These fish have a flat head and the same front part of the body. Picture is off my male. Red Bristlenose pleco. Size: 1–2 feet (30–60 cm) Common Name: Common Pleco, armoured sucker-mouth Pleco Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons (378L) Diet: Feeds on algae and plant material, use algae wafers too. In habitat of Loricariidae family catfish the water most of the year has the following parameters: hardness — 4—5 °dH, acidity (рН) — about 6. They can be distinguished from Common Pleco by their flat and fat body and a wide head. It's real rewarding! The Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus spp) is a much better option over the common pleco for hobbyists because they only get to about 6 inches in size, sometimes smaller depending on the species (there are lots of species in the Ancistrus genus). For me this has always worked. Updated August 5, 2019Author: Mike - FishLore AdminSocial Media: The Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus spp) is a much better option over the common pleco for hobbyists because they only get to about 6 inches in size, sometimes smaller depending on the species (there are lots of species in the Ancistrus genus). Can work with smaller cichlid species. Once they've hatched, it's real hard because they are heavy and usually sink in the gravel. Minimum Tank Size: 29 Gallons Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: 6.5 7.5 and Soft to Medium but is highly adaptable Temperature: 70-80 F (20-27 C) Maximum Size: 6 inches (15 cm) Bristlenose Size Pleco .

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